2019 Conference Breakout Sessions

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Risk Management

William Waller Control PHA Risk Ranking Variability with a Progressive Risk Registry
Tony Robledo The Faces of Risk Management
Ranji Walia Human Performance Reliability Event Learning - A Brain-Centric Approach to Inform Traditional Incident Investigations


Walter D. James III Criminal Enforcement in the Oil Patch
Fred Burnside
Sarah Walls Audits: Options, Benefits, and Risks
Cynthia Bishop Environmental Due Diligence in the Oilfield – A Necessary Evil?
Bruce Flowers Regulation of Ephemeral Waters under the Proposed Redefinition of Waters of the U.S.: Implications on the Oil and Gas Industry
C. Keith Bradley, REP, CWB


Brett Miller Unconventional Oil and Gas: Interactions with and Implications for Groundwater
Wes Long PE-RT Pipelines For Moving Hot Produced Water And Eagle Ford Case Study
Jeanne Eckhart The Regulator’s Perspective on Produced Water Discharges from onshore and offshore facilities
Mitty Mohom

Air/Climate Change

Jaron Hill EPA Methane Policy Updates
Drew D. Troyer Fugitive Methane Emissions are Compromising Natural Gas as a Bridge Fuel


Geri Blanchard Release for Unrestricted Use & Transfers Involving TENORM Contamination
Charles Fator The New Hydrocarbon Remediation Paradigm
Randy Cook
Jessica Innocenti
Julie Morelli Drilling Mud: Waste or Reuse? A Texas Study

Other Environmental Topics

Jeff Voorhis Permain Basin Environmental Success Story: Revenue Sharing with Vent Gas
Richard Pais Ecological Construction Techniques for Pipelines and Well Pads