2019 Conference Breakout Sessions

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Risk Management

William Waller Control PHA Risk Ranking Variability with a Progressive Risk Registry
Tony Robledo The Faces of Risk Management
Mike Managan, Ph.D. Human Performance Reliability Event Learning - A Brain-Centric Approach to Inform Traditional Incident Investigations
Pete Stevenson Environmental Compliance Challenges With Today's Oil & Gas Acquisitions
Daniel Wascom More Sustainable LNAPL Remediation: It’s Already Happening, You Just Have to Look
Joann Dyson, Ph.D.


Walter D. James III Criminal Enforcement in the Oil Patch
Fred Burnside
Sarah Walls Audits: Options, Benefits, and Risks
Cynthia Bishop Environmental Due Diligence in the Oilfield – A Necessary Evil?
Bruce Flowers Regulation of Ephemeral Waters under the Proposed Redefinition of Waters of the U.S.: Implications on the Oil and Gas Industry
C. Keith Bradley, REP, CWB
Carrick Brooke-Davidson Environmental Enforcement Update


Brett Miller Unconventional Oil and Gas: Interactions with and Implications for Groundwater
Wes Long PE-RT Pipelines For Moving Hot Produced Water And Eagle Ford Case Study
Jeanne Eckhart The Regulator’s Perspective on Produced Water Discharges from onshore and offshore facilities
Mitty Mohom
Karen K. Work Produced Water for Hydraulic Fracturing
Matt Patyk What is the Latest with the Waters of the U.S. Battle?
Donald P. Smith Federal Enforcement Officer/Responder

Air/Climate Change

Jaron Hill EPA Methane Policy Updates
Drew D. Troyer Fugitive Methane Emissions are Compromising Natural Gas as a Bridge Fuel
Chase Perry Reduce Air Permitting Costs Through Accurate Project Emissions Increase Calculation
Craig O'Neill Understanding Cooled vs Uncooled Optical Gas Imaging
Dhugal Hanton Modernizing Air Compliance Utilizing Mobile Platforms


Geri Blanchard Release for Unrestricted Use & Transfers Involving TENORM Contamination
Charles Fator The New Hydrocarbon Remediation Paradigm
Randy Cook
Jessica Innocenti
Julie Morelli Drilling Mud: Waste or Reuse? A Texas Study
Ali Naderi, Ph.D. Creating Opportunities for Waste Minimization of Recycled Drilling Fluids Using Plant-Based Scavengers
Steven G. Hoffman

Susan Jablonski, P.E.

Update on Oil and Gas Regulatory Activities in Texas

Bryan H. Sinclair

Other Environmental Topics

Jeff Voorhis Permain Basin Environmental Success Story: Revenue Sharing with Vent Gas
Richard Pais Ecological Construction Techniques for Pipelines and Well Pads
Ralph Tijerina Ready for an Environmental Audited....By your Customer or Shareholder Representative
Douglas Martin Digitally Power A Cross-Functional Process Safety Management Program

Christi M. Wilson